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In the News

“Switched On: Electricity! Family’s remote home fitted with solar panel” – Gallup Independent, 6/10/2012

“Powered Up: Students build phone chargers at Gallup Solar workshop” – Gallup Independent, 5/23/2012

“Electrifying entrepreneur: the founder of Afriq-Power is upgrading Mali”  -Wired, 6/1/2011

“Beyond Fossil Fuels: In Kenya, African Huts Far Off the Grid Glow with Renewable Power” -New York Times, 12/24/2010

“Navajos Hope to Shift from Coal to Wind and Sun” -New York Times, 10/25/2010

“White House Going Solar-Again” – New York Times, 10/5/10

Photovoltaics as a cottage industry – Karachi, Pakistan

“Solar cells: Coming to a window near you?” – CNN, 6/10/10

“Bringing Low-Cost Solar to the World’s Poor” – New York Times, 10/16/09

“Malawi Windmill Boy with Big Fans” – BBC News, 10/01/09

“Up on the Roof, New Jobs in Solar Power” – New York Times, 12/13/08

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