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Wrap for 2010

December 15, 2010

Those of you on our mailing list already know this, but we are having an end-of-year fundraiser to benefit Afriq-Power directly. In concert with a generous anonymous matching grant of $10,000, from now until December 31, 2010, 100% of proceeds from BURNING IN THE SUN DVD’s sold will be given to Afriq-Power through it’s U.S. non-profit partner Practical Small Projects, and matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000. This means that together we have the power to donate $20,000 to Afriq-Power directly, contribute in a meaningful way towards the organization’s sustainability with a healthy investment of capital, and help in the effort to provide affordable solar energy to rural communities in Mali. You also get a unique opportunity to see BURNING IN THE SUN on DVD, or give the film as a gift! Go to Indieflix at to make the purchase.  To make this opportunity available to you is a big step for us, so we’re very grateful for your participation.

Also, good news to deliver: We won! Not only did we make the finalist round on Link TV’s View Change Online Contest, we won in our category of ‘Innovation!’ This means that thousands more people will have the opportunity to view, learn from, and interact with the film on Link TV in years to come. We are so honored to play this part in the inaugural launch of their View Change website and interactive portal. Check it out for yourself here.  Thanks to all the BITS fans for your support and helping us to make this happen.

Finally, new festival announcements: BITS will be coming to communities in Claremont, CA, Princeton, NJ, Washington D.C. and Portland, OR! This means hometown screenings for Claire and Cambria. Check our Screening page for dates and details, and be sure to join us and spread the word.

Until then, warm holiday and new year wishes to all.

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